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Children’s Eyecare

Did you know that vision is responsible for 80% of your children’s learning?  Much of your child’s education is dependent on their visual health, and yet an astonishing 47% of British kids have never visited the optician.  As your child grows their eyes rapidly develop, making them particularly susceptible to contracting conditions such as astigmatism, shortsightedness, squints or lazy eye.  Any one of these conditions could result in poor concentration in the classroom, a lack of social confidence and reduced academic performance.

Don’t leave your children’s visual health to chance.

Here at Peepers Opticians your family’s eyesight is our number one priority, and our friendly team are highly qualified to deliver exceptional children’s eye care.  From comprehensive eye tests to our great range of kids’ frames, every step is tailored to your littlun’s individual needs.

National guidelines recommend that children should get their eyes tested every year and the NHS funds appointments for all those under 16 years old.  If your child is due their annual eye examination, book them in with Peepers Opticians today.

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